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Trial-based functional analysis of challenging behavior is a variation of traditional functional analysis and is gaining attention in empirical research. The purpose of this paper is to systematically review peer-reviewed studies which implemented trial-based functional analyses of challenging behavior. Systematic searches of electronic databases, journals, citations of a seminal study, and reference lists resulted in 13 studies included in this review. Studies were summarized in terms of (a) participant characteristics, (b) target challenging behavior(s), (c) TBFA characteristics, (d) TBFA outcomes, and (e) a description of the function-based intervention applied (if applicable). Across these 13 studies, 36 full trial-based functional analyses were conducted, 47 participants were included, and 14 topographies of challenging behavior were assessed. Trial-based functional analyses were implemented in classroom and home settings and were implemented by teachers, service providers, or researchers. Trial-based functional analysis appears to be a promising means of assessing challenging behavior in applied settings and deserves continued attention in empirical research.

Anne Denning
Anne Denning
BCBA Instructor, ACE Provider

Anne Catherine Denning is a BCBA and an ACE (Approved Continuing Education) Provider with Consultants for Children, Inc. approved by the BACB.

Anne has a passion for improving the quality of providers in the Autism Intervention category and is a Behavior Analyst. She leads cases and supervises RBTs, BCaBAs and BCBAs and keeps her content material relevant and based on recent research.

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